Message of Muhammad
Why millions of people believe in Mohammad (may God bless him)? Why do they accept him as Godís Messenger? What did he say? Why is it that no Reformer after him claimed to have been sent by God? Why did Prophet-hood end in him?

Mohammad (may God bless him) was born in the city of Mecca, 1400 years back, among the Arab pagans who were unaware of old Scriptures except hearsay. Yet he gave the world a Message in the form of ďthe QURANĒ with the challenge that it was the revealed Word of God and, therefore, the combined efforts of all the men could not produce the like of it! The challenge remains unanswered-till today. The Quran also claimed that it was a complete and well-explained Book, that it was simple and clear without ambiguity, that it stood guard over earlier Books of God (whether intact, distorted or lost) and that it was a Message for whole of mankind, embodying eternal principles, workable for all times. Again, the QURAN is the only religious Book in the world which is preserved in its original words, in a living language, so that it can be understood and interpreted exactly as it was done at the time of its revelation.

Mohammad (may God bless him) not only gave a message but also worked on the Book, organised a Society of the Obedient (Muslims), waged war against the rebels of God and set in motion a force to dethrone and subdue the evil forces of the world. He won victories in his life-time and his followers reached four corners of the world, in next 100 years.

The followers, however, deteriorated with the passage of time so that they are no longer a political force, they have no missionary organisations, worth the name, and they entrust their own affairs to a poor voiceless class of religious priests only to carry on with ceremonies. Yet the message of Mohammad, (may God bless him) is spreading by force of its truth or example of some noble souls, to prove that it is in fact the last and the unpolluted Word of God which must penetrate the hearts and overwhelm all falsehood in due course of time.

Let us recapitulate the Massage:-

(1) The world was created by an All-powerful Personality, God (in Arabic. Allah). He is One and the Only God, while all the rest are His creation. He is Everliving, Everlasting, whom fatigue or sleep cannot seize. He knows everything. He controls the World under rigid laws and with full justice so that the false and the unhealthy should vanish and the true and the just should triumph. No-body shares His control. All are His creation. His servants, and insignificant mortals.

(2) The world is not a play-ground or amusement for God, but a Reality which shall stay till an appointed time, when, with a big quake, it shall be reformed in a new setting; that shall be the End, the Akhirat.

(3) Manís origin is in clay and he continues his race through mean sperm, yet he is now the best in make, in whom God has breathed part: of His power (rooh) who has been given special eyes, special ears and a special mind and who has been made a Deputy. Everything has been made for his use-even angels are ordained to bow before him, except the rebel Devil-Iblis.

(4) Man is weak in understanding. His life, experience and knowledge are limited. He is swayed by emotions. He goes after pleasures and quick benefits and forgets the End. He, therefore, misuses his discretion and has started an unending war with his own race. He, therefore, needs guidance to stay on the Right Path.

(5) God, mercifully, has provided him with the guidance through His Messengers, in all ages. The final complete Message was given through Mohammad (may God bless him) in the form of the Quran.

(6) Just as there are fixed Laws for everything in the world there are Laws for man also. The Laws are as old as the origin of mankind and are unchangeable. Just as everything else does not break its Laws man should also not break them, although he has the liberty to do it.

(7) If he breaks the Laws as many men do, then he is not only to be punished in this life but also in the Akhirat, for every single misdeed, while those who obey shall live in the eternal Paradise, forever. This is special to man as he holds a special status and is specially answerable.

(8) Man should remember that he has been created by God and to Him is he returning. This life is short and a passing phase. Eternal life will start when the world comes to end and the man is rebron. He should, therefore, not fall prey to charms of the present world.

(9) This, however, does not mean that he should leave the world. He is Godís deputy and must, therefore, live fully in the world, control it and bring it to his use. Truth alone wins, even in this world. Hence it is the men of God who must be ultimately victorious in all conflicts, provided they strive for it and remain steadfast.

(10) All men are from one parent and they are one community. Division among men is wrong and against nature. Virtuous, however, may keep distinction so that their souls are not polluted and they do not fall prey to the Devil.

(11) God alone is the Ruler and the Master. Angels are only the Forces of God, which work as they are ordered. They are not to be worshipped or begged for anything. The Messengers are also human beings who were honoured with the task of deliverance of Godís Message, but they have no relation with God. They are His servants and answerable for their deeds, Man makes them gods and sons of God only because he wants, by this flattery and lip-service, to escape the punishment of his evil deeds. But that will not help him.

(12) The main substance of the Religion is: (a) to come under the flag of God and to serve Him, (b) to bow before Him so as to remember Him, and become a united fraternity under a pious leader, (c) to help each other, especially the weak and the downtrodden, and (d) to wage war against the rebels of God till the Religion (Law) of God prevails.

May we ask you, gentle reader, whether you disagree with anything said above. Do not you think that Mohammad (may God bless him) was indeed a true Messenger of God, whose testimony is sufficient to prove the rule of God, When man is still worshipping sun and moon, stones and cattle, trees and snakes, other men and imaginary things, was not Mohammad, (may God bless him) God-inspired who declared that man was Godís deputy and everything was for his service. When the most advanced men of today make distinction between white and black skins, when they maltreat those who were born in a soil other than their own and when the poor and the rich are not willing even to worship God at one place, was not Mohammad (may God bless him) whose followers make no such disticntions in spite of their deterioration in other fields, much above the rest of mankind?

Should we, therefore, request you to come to God, your Creator, join the community of Mohammad, (may God bless him) organise under a leader elected by you, help each other and strive against the infidels so that manís eternal fight may end and world may live in peace; nay, so that you may stand before God with a bright face on the Day of Judgement and live the eternal life in the bliss of Paradise. May God guide you. Amen.

There is no god except God ; Mohammad is Godís Messenger.



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