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Al-Qura'n is an Arabic word, literally meaning 'reading' and 'recitation'. 

Al-Quran is the word of Allah, the one and only GOD. Quran is The Book of Islam and is the final divine guidance in the line of Holy Scriptures.

The Quran is commonly also called Al-Furqa'n ('the discrimination' between right and wrong) and also has many other names attributed to its qualities In formal speech it is called Al-Quran al-Kareem ('The Noble Quran'), Al-Quran al-Majeed ('The Glorious Quran') or Al-Quran al-Hakeem (The Wise Quran). 

Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam) in a period of 23 years starting 13 Before-Hijrah (610 AD). 

The Quran is a guide and beacon for humanity till the end of time. It is not bound by time, not bound by race or nationality. The Quran is for all humanity, for the past, the present, and for all times to come. 

The Quran is best defined in its own verses, in the words of Allah, as:


Quranweb brings the first-ever complete Urdu Translation of the Quran on the internet. Urdu is one of the widely spoken languages in the world. Besides Urdu, an English Translation is also included.

The language of the Quran is Arabic. However, with the spread of Islam rose the need to translate it into different languages for the benefit of the non-Arabic reader. The Quran has been translated into almost every major language.

The Urdu and English translations presented in this web site are an improvement in accuracy, understanding, simplicity, flow of language and effect on mind. These translations are by Dr. Col. Muhammad Ayub (see box).

Besides the translations  Dr. Ayub has also authored many books on Islam.  One of these is  "What is Islam", a brief introduction to Islam, is also presented in this web site.

Later we plan to add features such as 'Search the Quran', 'Encyclopedia of Islam' etc. to this site, inshAllah.

We hope to be of some assistance in the search for knowledge for those who are seeking guidance from the Book of Allah.


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